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Bactron Anaerobic Chamber - Superb visibility, gloveless dexterity, ergonomic convenience improve anaerobic handling productivity.

Anaerobic Bacteriology

Anaerobes are organisms that can grow without oxygen. Some can live with oxygen when it is present (facultative) and some cannot tolerate even a trace of oxygen (strict or obligatory). They are very prevalent, many as part of the normal human flora, and those which make up an estimated 50% of the earth’s biota. Dozens of common infections are either exclusively anaerobic or mixed aerobic/anaerobic. Some obligatory anaerobes cause serious infections such as tetanus and gas gangrene or botulism in canned foods. Therefore, isolation and identification of anaerobes are very important in clinical diagnosis, research, and in commercial processes such as canning and fermentation.

SHEL LAB Leadership

Sheldon Manufacturing Inc. is a major manufacturer of constant temperature laboratory equipment. Expertise in manufacturing efficiency and quality standards automatically bring to the Bactron systems high laboratory standards of precision and reliability.

Patented Glove–Free Handling

Patented Bactron™ anaerobic/environmental systems allow efficient and dexterous glove–free handling and inspection of samples. Unique module systems insure completion of procedures from unpacking of material to inoculation, incubation, inspection and recovery without a single exposure to oxygen.

Select From Five Models

A selection of Bactron models lets you choose the capacity you need, all offering substantial cost savings over disposable handling. Bactron systems pay for themselves quickly and improve the quality and reliability of your laboratory results.

Quality Construction

Bactron systems have air tight construction of stainless steel and rigid Plexiglas for unobstructed vision and integrity. A white powder coated paint interior is easy to clean and maximizes visibility.

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