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High quality analyses, full traceability

The Scan® series are automatic colony counters that include essential features for Petri dish counting. It guarantees excellent reproducibility. The images and results are saved and usable anytime, with selected models providing HD images. Counting is available for pour, surface, Spiral, circle mode plated Petri dishes, as well as chromogenic agar, PetriFilmTM, MC-media PadsTM, Compact DryTM, filtration membranes for some models.

Models:Scan 100, Scan 300, Scan 500, Scan 1200 and Scan 4000


  • Some models also function as inhibition zone readers

  • High performance - Count colonies of numerous media

  • Live image - Fits any type of dish: automatic adjustment of contrast and lighting

  • Instant results – counts 30 dishes in 5 minutes

  • Dark Field technology - 6 lighting combinations

  • Traceability & reporting - Automatic archiving and printing of data

These automatic colony counters are used in the food, environmental, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, veterinary and public institutes research.

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