Claind N2 LCMS-1 Nitrogen Generator

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  • “Fast Purity” patented system inside for nitrogen ready to be used just few minutes after switching on

  • 50 liters built-in nitrogen reservoir to avoid continue air compressor work

  • Cooler air dryer inside to condensate the big water amount from environment

  • Gas production proportional to the consumption with automatic ‘Stand-by’ when demand falls

  • Compact instrument, just 40 cm wide supplied with built-in oil free air compressor

  • Independence is the main feature of this generator. only required Power supply for automatic, unattended operation. Push a button is the only operation to start up the generator, which operates automatically 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Maintenance is limited to changing a few filter elements taking less than 30 minutes per year. The system regenerates itself automatically giving you a continuous, uninterrupted supply of gas

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