CDS Analytical Purge and Trap - 7000 E Concentrator

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The CDS-7000E was acknowledged as a workhorse in the industry for decades as the most cost effective Purge and Trap concentrator. The 7000 E features our patented foam sensor, a newly redesigned wet trap for moisture control, and our original exchangeable sample pneumatics system, all providing the highest available performance and unrivalled chromatographic resolution. 

7000E Specifications

Programmable times: 0– 999.9 minutes
Trap: 0.3 cm OD x 28.5 cm Length
Transfer Line: 1.5 m Long, 0.020” ID Silconert tubing in flexible heated jacket
Desorb pre-heat option

Maximum Operating Temperatures

  • Valve oven 350°C

  • Transfer Line 350°C

  • Wet Trap 300°C

  • Adsorbent Trap 300°C

Vocarb or Tenax Adsorbent Trap
Weight: 8.6 kg
25 cm W x 44 cm H x 46 cm D


Hot water rinse module
Electronic mass flow controller

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