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CDS's autosampler module with Dynamic Loading to improve productivity for any 6000 series pyroprobe


With the Dynamic Loading Sequence Table (DLST), the 6000 series autosampler module provides hands-free and worry-free analysis for an infinite number of samples. The autosampler has 47 positions with capability to add samples on the go. The autosampler is driven by a novel hybrid mechanism, combining the reliability from the state-of-art air actuators and the precision from electronic step motors. DISC option is required to be installed with the autosampler module.



  • Number of Positions: 47

  • Dynamic Loading: Yes, with infinite samples

  • Compatibility: 6150, 6200 with DISC Option

  • Gas Requirement: Yes, >15 psi pressure required

  • Weight: 12 kg

  • Dimension (W x H x D): 10" X 9" X 18"

  • Options: High Speed Temperature Sensor

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