Vacuubrand VARIO® chemistry pumping unit, PC 3001 VARIO select

Part Number: 20700201

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The PC 3001 VARIO select pumping unit precisely controls the vacuum level in order to achieve unparalleled process control. This pump is suitable for even high boiling point solvents. The integrated VACUU·SELECT controller provides an easy-to-use, application based interface that covers all common lab applications. For solvent evaporation, the VACUU·SELECT controller detects solvent boiling and automatically adjusts the pump's motor speed to maintain process control. And the exhaust vapor condenser allows for nearly complete recovery of solvents when used with a chilled water line or recirculating chiller for economical recycling and environmental protection.

Performance features

  • Simplify lab work with the VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller with graphic user interface and predefined applications

  • Automatic boiling point detection and continuous optimization of vacuum levels for quick process times

  • Compact and powerful; superior performance even with continuous condensate purge

  • Whisper quiet and low vibration

  • Eco-friendly: extremely low power consumption and efficient solvent recovery. Oil-free!

Technical Data

  • Number of heads/stages: 4/3

  • Max. pumping speed: 2.0 m3/h

  • Ultimate vacuum (abs.): 2 mbar

  • Noise level at 50 Hz, typ.: 42 dBA

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