Interscience BagMixer 400 Lab Blender (400ml)

Part Number: BAGMIX400

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More than 15 000 BagMixer® in use every day!

BagMixer 400 efficiently blends any type of sample, avoiding risk of cross-contamination. It is adapted to all types of applications and compatible with all blender bags. Model with window door option available, and another optional model comes with additional features such as the patented Click and Clean.

  • Optimal blending volume: 50 - 400 mL

  • Variable speed: 8 strokes/second or 4, 6, 8, 10 strokes/second

  • Variable blending time: 30 - 210 seconds or ∞ or 1 second - 1 hour or ∞/countdown


  • Optimal bacterial extraction due to peristaltic movement of paddles

  • User friendly

  • Lifetime warranty on window door and shock absorbers

  • Q-Tight® Closure: Leak-tight

  • Adjustable blending power: up to 28kg pressure (for BagMixer® 400 CC only)

  • Click & Clean® system (for BagMixer® 400 CC only)

The BagMixer paddle blender is used for microbiological analyses in the food, environmental, pharmaceutical, veterinary industries and in public research institutes. It is used for the preparation of samples for quality control of raw materials, products in production and the control of finished products.

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