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The best solution for your dilutions!

DiluFlow® gravimetric dilutors enable the automatic dilution of the sample with perfect reliability. See the following advantages and unique features:

  • World's fastest dilutor: With a booster kit, the DiluFlow® are the fastest diluters on the market. Only 8 s(3) to dispense 225 mL!

  • Accurate: < 1 % of sample weighing. As little as < 1 % of dispensing (in standard or accurate mode)

  • Robotic arm (for certain models) & nozzle protection plate: Enables you to drop the sample safely and easily without contamination risks.

  • GeckoGrip gripping system: This new system will hold the bag without pressing hard. The long lasting material can be washed with soap and alcohol.

  • Reproducible

  • Secured: The bag is maintained with magnetic BagOpen® bag opener.

  • Traceable: with LIMS, printer or ExcelTM.

  • DripTray: Can be removed to be rinsed for any spillage, avoiding a tedious cleaning of the unit.

  • Multi-Dispensing (for certain models): Allows you to serially dispense in small containers such as 9 mL tubes, without having to weigh each tube.

There are 4 models available to choose from:

  • DiluFlow (3kg) *Tech must-have*

  • DiluFlow Pro (5kg) *Best-seller*

  • DiluFlow Elite (5kg) *Full Traceability*

  • DiluFlow Elite (1kg) *Designed for pharmaceutics and cosmetics*

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