Claind NiGen HF Nitrogen Generator

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Gas Chrmatography, Circular Dichroism, ICP


  • PSA molecular sieve technology dedicated to offer UHP Nitrogen for GC and ICP

  • CLAIND "Fast Purity“ patent that allows the delivery of high-purity nitrogen within 30 minutes

  • Built-in compressor  oil free including 2 x 50 l. tanks for Compressed Air and Nitrogen

  • Highly reliable Air compressor with maintenance required only after 14,000 hours of work

  • 2 gas outlets : available: UHP Nitrogen and Oil Free Air

  • Special built-in full oil-free compressor

  • Very high purity  also guaranteed by an innovative control software, interfaced with the CPU or every PC for remote control, up to 32 units

  • CPU with Touch Screen Display allows the monitoring of operational status and menus with report alarms and functioning parameters. The CPU has also an Ethernet output for the connection to PCs

  • Equipped with full turn wheels for easy moving

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