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70Xi Laboratory Analyser

For Cold Flow Properties

Phase Technology’s 70Xi cold flow properties analyzer significantly increases lab productivity and improves profitability by providing quick, precise results. The 70Xi analyzer helps minimize giveaway and ensure that released product is on spec.

Phase Technology users can be confident that their test results accurately meet and comply with ASTM International standards for pour, cloud and freeze point: ASTM D5949, D5773 and D5972.

The PSA-70Xi is the world’s only analyzer that performs pour, cloud and freeze point in one unit. And, it’s the only analyzer that has factual, valid ASTM methods for all three methods. (Warning: some manufacturers claim that their “no flow point” method “correlates” to pour point, but ASTM has not found “no flow point” to be equivalent to pour point methods.)

Test Methods:

ASTM D5949, ASTM D97 (IP 15 / ISO 3016) equivalent or better, ASTM D5773 (IP 446), ASTM D2500 (IP 219 / ISO 3015) equivalent, ASTM D5972 (IP 435), ASTM D2386 (IP 16 / ISO 3013) equivalent

Key Features:

  • Best measured precision of any automatic or manual method

  • Fastest speed of any automatic or manual method: test results in just 8-20 minutes

  • Better thermal management and more powerful cooling system; minimum sample temperature improvement to below -88°C [-126°F]

  • Capable of any user programmable resolution to 0.1°C

  • Unsurpassed detection of contamination in jet fuels

  • Programmable user access levels streamlines workflow and prevents accidental changes

  • Alert sounds when test is finished and ready for next run; audible keyboard “clicks”

  • Connect any HP (or PCL compatible) printer via USB

  • Import and store any user documents (.doc, .pdf, .ppt and .pps) for customized operating procedures (SOP) or training

  • Sample chamber now located lower and more upfront for easier, faster loading and cleaning and less risk of spilled sample

  • Chamber lid LED indicator shows test status

  • New front panel power button and software-enabled shutdown

  • Configurable desiccant replacement count

  • Customizable reporting – test history, plot data and self-diagnostics can be displayed on-screen, printed, or transferred to computer for statistical analysis, presentations, email sharing, archival storage

  • Test uses small sample volume

  • Completely self-contained system: no need for external coolant Quiet, energy efficient and environmentally friendly (no toxic coolant vapors)

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