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Tannas Quantum™ Oxidation Tester

The first and only field proven non-liquid 'dry cylinder' RPVOT (RBOT) instrument used for ASTM D2272 testing. The oil free Quantum testers can be used for a number of tests evaluating formulated engine oil, turbine oils, and base oil oxidation resistance.  Meets methods ASTM D2272 (RPVOT formerly RBOT), IP 229.

The small, innovative, single-test design eliminates the mess and dangers of hot bath oil and reduces the number or parts for quick test turn-around and interchangability between methods -- dramatically increasing productivity.

A small quantity of oil is mixed with or brought in contact with catalyst within an oxygen-pressurized chamber.  The oil sample is rotated at 100 RPM at a 30° angle until the recorded oxygen pressure in the chamber falls rapidly and signals the end of the test. A Software Automation Package for the Quantum Oxidation tester is available for monitoring and recording pressure and temperature of up to (4) units each with selectable end point determination options.

Test Methods:

ASTM D2272, IP 229, D 4742

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