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Scanning Brookfield Technique - Direct Cool

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The developer and sole source of the Scanning Brookfield Technique, Tannas Co. is pleased to announce a new approach to running Scanning Brookfield tests. Several years of diligent research and development have been successful.

The goal was to design a directly refrigerated bench top instrument that would precisely cool two samples per application of the Scanning Brookfield test according to ASTM D5133 and D7110. The effort was not only successful but the refrigeration techniques used were found to be patentable.

One of the obvious benefits of the SBT Direct Cool is that the instrument removes a source of flammable coolant from the laboratory environment as well as the need to periodically replace this coolant after it has absorbed sufficient water from the air reducing its cooling capacity.

Additionally, the laptop can receive data for up to four Direct Cool units either simultaneously or in any combination resulting in the each unit acting independently eliminating the constraint of batch testing.

Test Methods:

ASTM D 5133

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