XOS Phoebe Bench-Top Analyser

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XOS Phoebe Bench-Top Analyser

Phosphorus Determination in Hydrocarbon and Aqueous Matrices

From crude oil to bio-fuels, in additives or water, the PHOEBE Bench-Top Analyser delivers unprecedented precision and accuracy for quantification of phosphorus. Based on XOS’s MWD XRF analytical platform, (as is found in SINDIE and CLORA Analysers) PHOEBE offers a LOD of 0.4 ppm in hydrocarbon matrices in a ten minute measurement cycle. The analyser’s extreme easy of use with straightforward touch screen operation allows for use in a broad range of industrial environments. PHOEBE is a plug-it-in and measure analytical solution and does not require exten­sive sample preparation, consumable gasses or sample conversion.

Key features:

  • Fits on any bench and is compatible for use in mobile labs

  • Robust touch-screen user interface

  • User programmable measurement time: 30 -900 s

  • No conversion or combustible gasses required. No heating elements, quartz tubes or columns

  • Low power air-cooled excitation x-ray tube

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